Toll Free Number :
   1800 425 1539

Customer Service Centers


S.NO Name of the Section Contact Number Mail ID
1 Kasimkota +91 8498052612
2 Thallapalem +91 8498052617
3 Kotturu +91 9951531431
4 Thummapala +91 8498052616
5 Sabbavaram-1 +91 9951941555
6 Sabbavaram-2 +91 8498052609
7 Paravada +91 8498052614
8 Lankellapalem +91 9951961555
9 Aganampudi +91 8498052610
10 Chuchukonda +91 8498052618
11 Munagapaka +91 8498052613

In its drive towards enhanced customer service, ARECS offers its customers several forms of Customer Management Centers (CMC) across it's operational area comprising ECC (Electricity Call Centres) , CSC (Customer Service Centres) & CCC (Computerised Collection Centres) to deal with issues related to fuse-off call & supply, billing and metering related complaints, bill payment and other related issues.

Customer Management Centers (ECC, CSC, CCC ) are now available at following 9 major towns .

Procedures have been made easy through Customer Service Centres till Sub Divisional level.

  • Customer Service Center handles requests or complaints from consumers for which documentation such as title transfer etc. is required to be produced by the customer.
  • For services for which no pole extension is required the services will be released within 48 hours (Cities and Towns) and 7 days (Rural Areas).
  • For requests related to new service connections consumers must carry the following documents for registration purposes.
    1. Proof of Ownership.
    2. Wiring Certificate (Commencement & completion) issued by the registered electrical contractor.
  • Consumers are given an acknowledgement of their request registrations with a unique registration number, which must be provided in all future references and to know the current status of their requests.
  • The various type of complaints which will be addressed in the CSCs are Meter-related complaints, Billing-Related complaints, Disconnection-Related complaints, and any other customer service related complaints, the details of which are as given in the table below:
S.NO Type of Complaint/ Request Nature of Complaint / Request Service Level Time Frame
1 Meter Related Meter Running Fast /Creeping 22 Days
    Meter Running Slow/Sluggish 22 Days
    Meter Stuck up 22 Days
    Shifting of meter 15 Days
    Meter Burnt 7 Days
    Other meter defects 22 Days
    Meter Glass Broken 7 Days
    Terminal Cover Not Sealed 7 Days
    Meter Seal Cut 7 Days
2 Billing Related Surcharge Dispute 7 Days
    Back Billing Disputed 30 Days
    Late Bill Receipt 7 Days
    Late Bill Receipt 7 Days
    Meter Reading not taken 7 Days
    Door Locked Cases 7 Days
    Meter Reading on Trust 7 Days
    Bill not Served 7 Days
    Phase Correction 7 Days
    Category Correction 7 Days
    Issue of Duplicate Bill 3 Days
    Wrong SC No. entered while accepting CC Bill 7 Days
    Paid CC Bill in time but appeared in D List 7 Days
    Security Deposit not Printing on the Bill 7 Days
    Non effecting of Category Change 7 Days
    Other Billing Related 15 Days
3 Other Customer Service Title Transfer 30 Days
    Non effecting of Additional Load 7 Days
    Requirement of Additional Poles 10 Days
    Termination Request 30 Days
    Name Correction 15 Days
    Phase not printing on the Bill 7 Days
    Category not printing on the Bill 7 Days
    Contracted Load not printing on the Bill 7 Days
    Consumer Name not printing on the Bill 7 Days
    Non Effecting of Name Transfer 7 Days
    Loose Span 10 Days
    Other Billing Related 15 Days
    Stay Wire Cut 10 Days
    Other/General 30 Days
    Category Change 7 Days
    Shifting of Service 5 Days
    Title Transfer 7 Days
    Line Tree Branches Touching 5 Days
    Non Effecting of Additional Load 7 Days
    Additional Complaint 15 Days
    New Connection Complaint 15 Days
    Reporting of Theft/Mal Practice 15 Days
    Category change 30 Days
    Address Correction 15 Days
    Shifting of service 15 Days
    Line shift 15 Days
    DTR Shift 15 Days
4 Voltage Fluctuation Voltage High 10 Days
    Voltage Low 10 Days
5 Pole Related Complaints Pole Rusted/Damaged 10 Days
    Pole Leaning 10 Days